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Achieving Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE): A Path to Early Retirement and Financial Freedom Thumbnail

Achieving Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE): A Path to Early Retirement and Financial Freedom

Understanding the Concept of FIRE

In recent years, a new concept has been gaining popularity in the financial industry: FIRE, which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. Let's explore the key principles of FIRE and how it offers the possibility of attaining financial independence and early retirement. The idea is simple: work hard and save a lot in your younger years so that you can be financially independent at an early age (think 40 instead of your traditional 65) until the rest of your life.

The Key to FIRE: High Savings Rates

The premise of FIRE is not to necessarily retire young, but more to give you the option to retire at a young age. At your FIRE moment, you should be able to live off your savings/investment income forever. However, achieving FIRE comes at a hefty price. Traditional financial advice preaches to save about 10% of your net income and invest it. This does make sense for most people. With FIRE on the other hand, it would not be uncommon to see savings rates climb into the 70% range (Winkelmolen 2022). The more that you can bring your savings rate up, the quicker you can achieve FIRE.

Pursuing FIRE: Income, Expenses, and Commitment

FIRE is often pursued by those with above-average incomes. When your income comfortably exceeds basic lifestyle expenses, you are put in a good position to save more. People who pursue FIRE tend to limit or trim discretionary expenses so that their savings rate is maintained. FIRE can also be pursued by those with below-average incomes, but it requires a little more work and commitment.

A Lifestyle Shift Rather Than an End Goal

These types of goals are on the extreme side of financial planning but can be very appealing to those looking for a specific lifestyle. Even though the end result sounds appealing, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication along the way. Remember, reaching FIRE means living well below your means for a good portion of your life. It’s a lifestyle shift more than it is an end goal.

If early financial independence is on your mind, get in touch and let's get the conversation started!